Day 38: Jan 2 - Couch potatoes

With Grandma gone and no one to pick up the slack when Daddy and I get tired, Katie and I were complete bums today. We spent most of the day chillin' on the couch. I took the picture of her in her red outfit because I thought it was just too flippin' cute. As you can tell by the look on her face, she was not as amused.

Day 34: Dec 29 - Could she be any cuter?

We've all decided that we like Katie's hair all mussed up. Oh heck, she's adorable regardless!!

Adorable video of Katie enthralled with her playmat.

Day 36: Dec 31 - No longer a Dirty Girl!

After a long sweaty day, I finally got a chance after the midnight to hop in the shower. Since Katie does NOT like to lay by herself, and she especially likes company when she's in the midst of a milk coma, I laid her on Daddy while I hopped in the shower. As you can tell by the progression of pictures, Packer was not impressed with that action.

Later on that afternoon, while Grandma was out shoppin', Daddy and I did the unthinkable....we gave Katie her first official bath unsupervised! She handled it all so well. There was a moment of fussiness when she complained about the water getting chilly, but overall, she liked swirming nekkid in the water.



Day 35: Dec 30 - Quality time with Grandma

All the pictures today are of Grandma holding Katie...because Mom and Dad took several cat naps during the day! ;-)

It's also the day we noticed Katie's first tear! No picture of it though. Didn't want to make it public and have any of y'all call DFS on me. haha

Day 37: Jan 1 - A sad, sad day!

Today was a very sad, sad, sad day. Grandma left to head back home! We have all thoroughly enjoyed having her here! She was SUCH a huge help!!!! She helped me to learn all of Katie's cries and behaviors. She took over when Daddy and I were exhausted. We made a dynamic duo when out running errands and had everything down to a science on how to get in and out of stores with a baby and her stroller. I started crying as she was getting ready to go, and I noticed she bolted as soon as I did. I think she was just as sad as I was! I did make sure that Katie was in my arms as she was leaving though. Just waaaay to many comments made about Katie fitting into her suitcase. ;-) It's a good thing Katie makes so many squeeking noises, so we would have known right away if Grandma had found a way to stash her.

Before she left, she was able to help Daddy trim Katie's nails. I tried to cut them, but they're just so stinkin' small!

Grandma was awesome at helping to soothe Katie and calm her back down. When she left, we were left to fend for ourselves and figure out what would work. Daddy was very resourceful when he pulled out the dust buster and walked around with it on and her in his arms. It works like a charm....until the charge runs out. To be exact, according to Daddy, you must wear shoes, hold Katie, hold the dust buster turned on and walk in Figure 8's in the front room to calm her down. Apparently she's particular about these details, per her father. ;-)

Day 33: Dec 28 - Daddy's little girl

Daddy and I have been taking "shifts" taking care of Katie. I generally have her up to the 3am or 5am feeding and then Daddy takes over from there for a bit. I'm hearing rumors from little birdies that Grandma comes down the stairs to some very sweet bonding between the two of them. One day she walked down and he just gushed, "Isn't she so precious?!" Today she walked down and caught him with tape measure in hand. I guess Daddy wanted to see if Baby Girl had grown any. He justified it later by saying that she seemed to have gotten rounder lately, so he wanted to know if she was also getting taller. Part of their morning routine involves getting up and watching Joe, Becky and Carl on Sqwak Box. A chair is usually pulled up next to the Pack 'n Play, so I suspect some gazing at his "adorable" baby gets done as well.

On another note, the belly button looks MUCH better today! Yay!

Day 32: Dec 27 - The belly button debuts!

FINALLY! It took a lot of work, but I finally got the umbilical stump to fall off. What a nasty process too! Don't look at the after picture down below if you're at all squeemish. I'm glad we finally have it off so that we can A) Give her a real bath and B) Add it to her Inappropriate baby book. ;-)

Day 31: Dec 26 - Just chillin'

Today was a pretty slow day around the house today. Grandma and I ran to Kohl's to use up a one day only coupon. I had her drive so that I could pump on the drive over! haha! Engorgement is NO fun. While we were there, I tried to find a few more tops. My requirements at this point are that they must be white [shows leakage less] and must have easy access to the bewbie. I even confessed this to a sales clerk the other day who tried to help me find a shirt. I'm sure she was mortified. I've found, however, as a mother you just don't care. You do what you have to! In fact, I went to Kohl's in dirty clothes without washing my face, brushing my teeth or even combing my hair!

Katie spent the day eating, sleeping and being freakin' adorable!!! ;-) I'm told she made Daddy earn his keep with her morning diapers too. She doesn't poo much, but when she does, she seems to do it in grand style!

By the way, the picture with the kitty. That wasn't posed. I went to check on her, and it appears she wiggled her way closer to Packer Junior to snuggle. ;-)
Below you can see video of Katie expressing her desire to eat.

Day 30: Dec 25 - SANTA CLAUS CAME!!!

and boy did Katie score this year. Check out the two best gifts that Santa gave Baby Girl this year! ;-) The rest of us fared pretty well too. Daddy got all kinds of tools. Grandma got lots of coffee and chocolate. Bob and Packer got some tuna [and Packer also got some frolick time outside] and Mommy, well Mommy got some breast pads! LOL!

After opening gifts, we sat down for lunch...Roast Beast. It was yummy, as usual thanks to Daddy's amazing culinary skillz! Katie was napping in her crib while we ate, but she joined us via video monitor.

The rest of the day was spent napping and eating [and a bit of crying from Katie]. All in all, a nice and peaceful Christmas day!

Day 29: Dec 24 - Christmas Eve

It's Christmas Eve, and all is quiet in the house....for now. ;-) Katie had a pretty good day today. We've noticed she's been staying more awake during the day and is quite content to kick her arms and legs about while making her normal squeaking sounds. I was able to get a perfect picture of her pouty face first thing this morning though. It is the most pitiful face, and she makes it when she's ready to eat and there's no titty readily available...or at least not a productive one.

In the afternoon, she took her nap in front of the tree surveying all of her presents. So much for us trying to save money this year and deciding it was a no gift year. LOL!

Day 28: Dec 23 - Cousin Joe comes to visit

Before Cousin Joe's visit, we decided to try some tummy time on Katie's floor mat, so generously given to us by a wonderful friend! [Props to Cruzie] She really enjoyed it. I think my baby prefers being on her belly more than her back, which I guess will be good for her neck muscles.

Later on in the day, Grandma and I ran into town to finish some Christmas shopping while Daddy took care of Katie. I had no concerns whatsoever with leaving her with her Daddy. My biggest concern was the milk spewing forth from my teets. I really should have pumped before we left, but Mom was in such a hurry that I figured I'd better not press my luck and delay us any further. Man did I regret that half way through our adventure. I was so painfully engorged, that [TMI CONFESSION COMING UP], I headed to the bathroom at Bed, Bath and Beyond and "relieved the pressure". Unfortunately aiming breastmilk towards a toilet is not as easy as aiming for its real purpose, and yes, milk squirtled all over the seat. LOL! I was nice and wiped it off before I left though, does that count for anything? Anyway, I was MUCH happier after that.

Day 27: Dec 22 - Mylanta mouth

To combat the crying from reflux and all of the spit up, we've started giving Katie 1cc of Mylanta before most of her feedings. Well someone got a little loose with the syringe this time, and Katie ended up with white stuff all around her mouth. Definitely adorable. You know, a face only a mother could love. ;-)

Day 26: Dec 21 - Cousin Christin came to visit!

Christin and Nick came over today to visit. Once Katie fell into her milk coma, she was perfect to be held by her cousin. ;-) After a bit of snuggling, we all headed over to Crossroads so that Chris and Nick could do their Christmas shopping. Katie did fairly well..until we got to Kohl's. I had just fed her in the car, but I hadn't allowed her to fully slip into her milk coma before attempting to move her. I know the rules, but I didn't abide by it this time, and I was to be punished, according to Katie. I ran into a dressing room and fed her a bit more to calm her down. When we put her back into her car seat to stroll around the store, she wasn't crying, but she was wide awake. She remained quiet until it was time to get back in the car. That's when I decided it was best to take Katie back home and Daddy could continue shopping with Chris and Nick!