Day 187: May 31 - First time celebrating Daddy's birthday

Today is Daddy's birthday, and what better way to celebrate but to lay around looking incredibly adorable and munching on the John Deere vibrating corn teether from Aunt Janet followed by a cuddly nap in Daddy's arms!


Day 186: May 30 - Bargain shopping girls

Today Katie and I went garage sale-ing, so we were too busy hunting bargains to bother with any pictures!

Day 185: May 29 - Daddy's pizza loving girl

We headed out for pizza for supper tonight, and it cracked me up to look over and sit Katie flopped back in her stroller with her top button undone. Girlfriend already knows how to make room for that next slice. ;-)


Day 184: May 28 - VCUG testing

Yesterday was a looooong day, but we were up bright and early and out the door to head to the hospital on the other side of town for some testing. As a follow up to Katie's UTI, we were sent to get a VCUG done to see if she has urinary reflux, and if so, how bad it is.

She did so well through the ultrasound portion of the exam, giggling at the massage the wand was giving her. The x-ray part, however, was not as pleasant. They inject her with dye and then monitor her with the x-ray machine to see what happens with the flow of urine when she releases it. She did show reflux, so on to a Pediatric Urologist to see what our Plan of Care was.

We left the house without either of us grabbing a pacifier, which we both knew was a critical mistake. David stopped at the CVS beside the hospital to grab one before meeting us inside. It was a good thing, because after pinning Sweet Girl down [it took three adults] and listening to her scream, she definitely needed that new paci for some soothing!!

Day 182: May 26 - Halfway to one!

Today is Katie's monthversary! I think between just getting back from vacation [and the lack of sleep] and then the preparation for tomorrow's trip, taking pictures just totally slipped my mind. Happy Sixmonthversary, Baby Girl!!

Day 183: May 27 - Longest day of my life!

Today I had to fly to Daytona Beach, Florida for the day for work. The flight left at 6:20am, so I was up and out the door by 4:30am. While it was exciting to be able to get on a plane again, it was also difficult leaving Katie for so long. I've become quite attached to that little munchkin.

I didn't gauge my travel time well, since I was a little bit rusty, so I swear I was the last one boarding the plane. It was wierd flying again after such a long hiatus, and part of me was happy to be in the air again and part of me was relieved I no longer had to do that every week.

Pumping in the bathroom of an airplane was quite the adventure and the turbulance just added to the experience. Even pumping in the bathroom at the client site was anti-climatic after that.

After meeting with the reference site employees, we headed to the mall to waste some time before our flight out that night. I picked up quite a few new shirts, because I realized after having travelled for so many years, I didn't have enough different shirts to get me through a month. Clients never knew that I was wearing the same shirts week in and week out, but office coworkers tend to recognize that stuff.

The plane ride home was pretty uneventful, even with a second pumping session, and I was tired from the long day. The minutes dragged on once we landed at 11:15pm, and I couldn't drive home fast enough to see my little muffin again.

That was 19 hours of being away from my Katiebug, and it was an odd feeling [as I write this blog entry two years later, it is still the longest time I have been away from my baby!!]

The Daytona Speedway

Thanks Daddy for perking me up with a picture sent to my cellphone!

Day 181: May 25 - Home at last

Today is Memorial day and our fourth wedding anniversary!

It appears Katie does not share the same affection for hotel rooms that her parents do.
We ended up driving back home this evening instead of enduring another sleepless night in a hotel room at Myrtle. She did love the beach and the pool though, so that was a plus.

The first night and a half it was the PNP and the rest of the trip was the middle of our bed. Besides, it wasn't much fun to go to bed at 6:30 every night, since she could only sleep if all of the lights, including the TV were off. We were all MUCH happier at home tonight.

Day 180: May 24 - Where's that cabana boy when you need him?

Today is beach and pool day and Katie looks primed and ready to go. She had a blast floating around the pool and kicking those fat little legs underwater. Since it's still only warm in the water for about two hours a day, we took advantage of that time while we could. Before it was warm enough to swim, we headed to a local restaurant to enjoy some lunch, and Katie took the opportunity to nap on her way over.

Day 179: May 23 - VACATION!!!!

How on earth could life get better than this?? Down at the pool, the water wasn't as warm as we had hoped, so while we spent a little bit of time swimming, more of it was spent poolside soaking up the sun. Perfect opportunity for catching some zzzzz's under the umbrella.

Day 178: May 22 - Mommy's birthday!

Vacation in Myrtle Beach here we coooooome!

Katie took a nice little snooze for the three hours we drove to Myrtle. It works out well to have both of our birthdays and our wedding anniversary right in a row so that we can take trips together and hit three birds with one stone. It's also nearing Memorial Day which gives us some extra time off each year.

Daddy still trying to soothe my anger and hurt made sure the hotel room had some snacks stocked upon our arrival. We didn't waste time getting down to the pool and dipping Katie's toes in. Unfortunately Myrtle Beach at the end of May is still not very warm, so it was a short swim! She seemed to like her first dip in the pool though.

One of the perks to our days as Road Warriors is that we still have a lot of hotel points so we can stay free. Unfortunately Daddy wasn't too pleased with the upkeep of this hotel and took pictures of the mold in the vents before calling the management up to inspect the room.

Day 177: May 21 - Making up for it in a BIG way

I love this first picture of Katie. I've discovered that she really loves "talking" to Daddy on the phone. When he's gone, if she starts to fuss, we call Daddy and suddenly life is good again! We don't even need him to answer, since even hearing his voice on the answering machine is enough to soothe her.

With Daddy home from his business trip, it was time to open my birthday gift. Since my first Mother's Day was a colossal failure, Daddy made sure to overcompensate for my birthday. He bought me the hugest digital picture frame on the market. I don't even want to know much it cost! I can not wait to get as many Katie pictures loaded onto it as I can and then stare at her all day long at my desk. Katie, on the other hand, was quite entertained with the wrapping paper the present came in.

Day 176: May 20 - Parenting FAILS!

While doing some vacation searching, I found the following statement on TSA's website....
"NEVER leave babies in an infant carrier while it goes through the X-ray machine." hahahahhahahahhahaha!

My breastmilk supply is having some issues, so I decided to make some Lactation Cookies from a recipe a friend gave me. Yeah, pretty sure that's now how they were supposed to look. I just hope they work!


Day 175: May 19 - Did I do that??

When Daddy travels, Katie has to head in to school early, and she just LOVES spending time with Miss Rosa. She knows all the best toys to play with!

It was nice that Katie waited until the end of the day to vomit aaaaaall over Mommy. As we were leaving daycare, she threw up all over me in the entranceway. What was more amazing is that as I stood there dripping the bile from my child's stomach, parents were coming and going and not stopping to help. Good thing none of them tripped on the ucky stuff all over the floor. I hear white spattered vomit on red work blouses is all the rage nowadays though.