Day 309: September 30 - Oh how she entertains

What entertains a nine month old? Blowing raspberries on my leg in between reaching for the remote and playing with your shoes.

Day 308: September 29 - Entirely too cute!

More absolute cuteness with my Baby Girl!!

Day 307: September 28 - Hip, hip, hooray!

Katie's hip x-ray result came back normal and nothing to be concerned, which is awesome. The doctor said he was concerned at her last appointment that she might have a hip click, but luckily she didn't!

Day 306: September 27 - Another jam packed day

Katie and I got to take another nap together, which was divine. When we woke up, her hair was a mess, but she's so cute that she can pull it off. We went for a drive in the afternoon, and she got another nap in. Oh the life of a baby!

Day 305: September 26 - WHEEEEE, it's sugar time!

In the morning, our Indian neighbor's stopped by with a plate of treats for Katie. It is a celebratory day for girls in their culture, so they brought over some items. She particularily liked the rice pudding with all of that sugar involved.

We then headed to Taste of Fuquay where Mommy gave her a bite of cake when Daddy wasn't looking. We would have gotten away with it too, had she not drooled some of the red velvet on her chin. Haha!

It started raining before we could get to Dog Day in the Park in Holly Springs, but as we were driving on to Target to run some errands, Katie was chaaaaaaatering away. It appears she's a fan of being hopped up on sugar.

That evening, we started working on assembling Katie's Halloween costume. We always made our costumes growing up, so I'm trying to start that tradition with Katie. We'll see how long it lasts.

Day 304: September 25 - Chubby cheeks!

Overheard from the living room..."hey, hey, hey, it's Fat Katie!" said in his best Fat Albert voice. I guess she has been pretty well fed thus far in her life.

Day 303: September 24 - I just want off this roller coaster!

RARGH!!!! Being a Mommy continues to make me CRA-ZY! I am now getting more milk that I'm just pumping to relieve engorgement and not trying to keep up with Katie's consumption! Oh the roller coaster of being a mommy and questioning every decision you make! I was taking some medication to help encourage milk production, but one of the side effects is that it makes you mentally unstable. Looks like it's doing that, for sure. It could also be that now that I'm relaxing and not forcing my body to keep up with production that it's able to relax enough to produce more. Maybe we won't quit just yet.

Day 302: September 23 - So in love with my baby!

I just grin every time I look at this adorable little face, and her tiny features are beyond cute. She was still napping at pick up, and I just stood there and watched her with those little toes sticking out from under her blanket. I could not be in more love with my baby girl!!

Day 301: September 22 - The end of an era

I have pumped my last pump. I just can't take the stress of it. I'm crying at work again because of it. I'm giving up breastfeeding/pumping as of today, and I've cried at my desk most of the day. I told my coworkers to ignore me and just let me cry it out. They're a bunch of supportive women, so they've been awesome. Still not sure it's the right decision to do, but I had to make some sort of decision. My body is exhausted from trying to get milk out, but my heart is so very sad about having to end breastfeeding. I have tried every supplement, medication and trick there is to try and keep my supply up, and all they're doing is making me crazy. I've gotten past the fact that I wasn't physically able to make it to my goal of a year. I've gotten past the formula stigma. Now I'm just overwhelmingly sad that I have to quit doing something that's been so much at the forefront of my life for the last ten months and something that I loved so much. I have never been prouder of myself than I am for having accomplished what I have. I'm taking solace that I would probably still be this emotional if I had made it to a full year. It's just hard to let go, and it's hard to realize my precious angel is growing up!!

Day 300: September 21 - My little squirrel

Katie continues to get the hang of feeding herself, but she has already mastered the skill of saving food to snack on later on. ;-)