Day 217: June 30 - Back to the daily grind

Back to the daily grind, but Katie makes the weekdays move along happily with that beautiful smile.

Day 216: June 29 - Loves you Grammy!

It's important to get some last minute Grammy snuggles in on a lazy weekend morning before they head out of town.

Day 215: June 28 - Marbles time!

I don't know who has more fun when we got to Marbles museum...the kids or Daddy and I. As you can see, we thoroughly enjoyed decorating and posing Katie as much as we could. She had a great time...until Grammy came up along behind her and scared her. In Grammy's defense, it was also the same exact moment someone started banging on some drums a few feet away.

Day 214: June 27 - A day at the beach

We all drove over to the coast to enjoy some ocean time today. Katie wasn't too sure about those waves, because they were pretty noisy and forceful, but the sand was a big hit! Look how red those little fat cheeks got from the heat too!

When we got home, we headed over to a neighbor's house to hang out and Katie got to play with the neighborhood kids.