Nov 27-Dec 1, 2009: Starting the Christmas season

Now that every day of her first year has been chronicled, I can start to lump some of the updates together. Below are some pictures following Thanksgiving and leading into the Christmas holiday. The highlight was meeting Santa at the mall. Same Santa as last year, but this time she was a bit more mesmerized with him.

On 11/30/2009, Katie measured 22lbs, 2oz and 27.25in.

Day 366: November 26 - HAPPY ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY, SWEET ANGEL!!!!!!!

Katie's first birthday happened to fall on Thanksgiving this year, so following our turkey dinner, Katie got another opportunity for a birthday cake, well cupcake.

I can not believe it's been a whole year since she entered our lives. It's been an amazing, tiring, overwhelming, exciting, rewarding, frustrating year, and I wouldn't trade any of it for the world. My little girl is the light of my life and my reason to wake up each morning. I am madly and deeply in love with her, and I am so honored to be her mother. I can't wait to see what the next year and the year after that and the year after that bring with her in our lives.

Love you, Katie bug!!

Day 365: November 25 - Oops

So the goal was to take pictures every day of Katie's life for the first year and have an accompanying blog entry. Oops! It appears we fell a little short towards the end. ;-)

Day 364: November 24 - Hanging with Dad

With Mommy working, the pictures are a little sparce this week. ;-)

Day 363: November 23 - Sleeping beauties

Thanksgiving week, and Daddy and Katie are home chillin' together while Mommy heads off to work. Looks like it was a lazy Monday for everyone in the house.

Day 362: November 22 - A lazy Sunday

Today was definitely a lazy day trying to recover from yesterday's party. We opened all of Katie's gifts, and as always, our friends and family were entirely too generous to us! We are very appreciative of their kindness!

Day 361: November 21 - How to throw a ladybug party!

Katie's first birthday party turned out awesome!! The ladybug invitations were so fun to make. For the party, we decorated in black and red, and even bought candy to match. The ultimate were the Kiss band M&Ms. For party favors, we made ladybug cookies, and the kids were able to decorate them themselves. The littlier kids got a ladybug book to take home.

My friend Marie made the ladybug cake, and it was beyond my wildest expectations. The appetizers were made by Daddy and cousin Christen and were crackers with cheese spread then tomatoes and olives form the ladybug. I'll be starting a tradition with her birthdays where I have a signature mat and all of the party attendees sign it. I think this will be really cool to watch it evolve each year she grows older.

The reason Katie's eyes are all red sitting in front of her cake is because she was NOT a fan of all of the attention being on her while singing Happy Birthday. As soon as everyone started singing, she started sobbing. Poor girl!

A highlight was that while the party was ramping up, Daddy drove to the airport to pick up Grandma A. She's spending the week with us and made it just in time to celebrate Katie's first birthday.

The final touch for her party was the one year slideshow I made. It turned out PERFECT, and I still tear up watching it!

Link to her one year video: