Day 156: Apr 30 - How does she do it?

Katie's daycare sheet said today, "Kate has a small scratch on her stomach. She was pulling up her top and scratched herself." That's Momma's girl lifting up her shirt to impress the boys! haha!

For supper, Daddy, Katie and I met up with some of my creepy internet friends. Jennifer and her family were in town visiting and Ashley and Jack were there as well. Man, I thought one child was a handful. I don't know how Jennifer does it with three!!! The girls were so cute with Katie though. One would hold her hand while the other patted her head. We tried to get a group shot, but there wasn't a single picture with everyone looking forward.

Day 155: Apr 29 - Nummy, nummy Pei Wei

How cool is this chick in her new sunglasses? After work, Katie and I met up with my friend Andriene to have some nummy Pei Wei. Katie was quite the birth control last time we met up with all of her fussing, so I was glad to see her in a MUCH better mood this time around.

Her teachers said she spent the day playing bubbles, listening to nursery rhyme music and practicing rolling over. They said she's "so close"!

Day 154: Apr 28 - Medicine time

Nummy nummy medicine! Too bad they don't make adult medicines this tasty. As you can tell by the video, Katie enjoys her bubble gum flavored antibiotic.


Day 153: Apr 27 - Bye Grandma A

Grandma A got in a few more Katie snuggles before heading back up north. We had a nice visit, and it was great for Katie to spend time with her.

Day 152: Apr 26 - Picnicing with Jack

One of the local mom's group met up at the park for a family cookout. Katie's boyfriend Jack and his mom Ashley joined Daddy, Grandma A, Katie and I at the party. Jack and Katie enjoyed hanging out on the blanket playing together. I tried to get Katie to take a nap while we were there, but there was just too much going on for her that she didn't want to miss.

She did finally get her nap in once we got home, as did Daddy.

Day 151: Apr 25 - More beautification

I have no idea what happened to today's pictures. I know there were several taken, but they are nowhere to be found! Our community had a second beautification day today, and Katie was representin'. We worked for about two hours while Grandma A took care of Katie. It was exhausting work, but rewarding nonetheless.

Day 150: Apr 24 - Thanks for visiting, Cousin Jack

Uncle Matt flew down last night to drive back home with Karen and Jack today. Grandma A is going to spend a few more days with us getting more time in with Katie. Jack was sad to leave his new little cousin and kept gushing over and over about how cute she is.

Day 149: Apr 23 - Marbles Mania

What better way to wake up than to be snuggled up next to Daddy! The sight of that just melts my heart!

While I slaved away at work, the rest of the group headed to Marbles Museum downtown. I was laughing so hard when I looked at the pictures they took. I thought the fish hats were pretty hilarious, but Daddy didn't warned me about the Mardi Gras hat. Too hysterical!

Whyile they were out, they stopped by to visit me at work. What a wonderful pick-me-up to help get through the workday!

Day 148: Apr 22 - Packer tends to her guests

David has had a great time discussing Star Wars plots with Jack, who in turn has had a great time showing off his Star Wars toys. Packer has made sure to make all of her guests welcome while they're here as well. With her cousin sleeping in her room, Katie's still staying in her pack-n-play in the office. She hasn't been overly impressed with this sleeping arrangement either. The PNP wiggles when she flops around, and she doesn't much care for that. Jack's enjoyed going in to check on her though, and being especially helpful during "paci emergencies".

Day 147: Apr 21 - Cousins galore!

Cousins Joe and Christen came over to visit today. The whole gang headed into town to go to a local kids museum. I told Daddy to get a good picture of all of Grandma A's grandchildren, but it seems in every shot someone was looking away. Joe, who impressed us previously by being a cat whisperer, fared well during bottle time but sorely disappointed during exersaucer time.

In an attempt to be hip and young, I opened up a Twitter account. I just had to see what all of the hype is.

Day 146: Apr 20 - A peaceful slumber

Katie spent the day hanging out with Grandma A, Karen and Jack. By the looks of today's picture, she took advantage of some cozy arms to take her nap.

Day 145: Apr 19 - Grammy A gets to meet her newest grandchild

Grammy A, Aunt Karen and Cousin Jack flew in for the week to visit. It was their first time seeing Katie since she was born.

We took them to a festival at a nearby lake to enjoy some fresh air and give Jack a chance to play on the bounce houses and run around to burn off energy. There was a diaper emergency while we were there, so Daddy took Katie off "behind the trees" to let her potty. I'd suggest finding a bit more foliage next time if the goal is to actually conceal the activity! LOL

With a full house, we put Grammy A in the guest room while Aunt Karen and Cousin Jack got the futon in Katie's room. We set up Katie's pack-n-play in the office so she'd be away from the noise and could sleep better.

That night, Jack kept running up into the office to visit Katie, soothe her, put her paci back in, etc. while we watched it all enfold over the video monitor. I think he's just a tad bit smitten with his new cousin.