Day 239: July 22 - On the mend

She seems to be feeling better today. I'm sure it can be attributed to all of the snuggling from last night. She is so silly with the expressions she makes though, and I'm so glad I'm able to get most of them captured in these pictures. She is something else!

Day 238: July 21 - Sick, but still so sweet

She vomitted all over me again as I was giving her Tylenol at bedtime. Poor muffin! She had a slight fever, but she didn't seem upset. Once again, however, she slept with us starting around 3am and could NOT have burrowed any closer to me if she tried.

Day 237: July 20 - Knowing her priorities

Katie has the reputation at school of never missing a feeding! Even if she starts to nap during feeding time because of something that went on that day, she will wake up on schedule to eat. Dat's my girl!! In order to keep up with this voracious appetite though, I had to start taking Reglan today. I'm hoping it will help my supply keep up with her demand.

Her daycare sheet today said: "I had a good day today. I played with my friend Kayden. I'm trying to learn how to push a ball and clap my hands and learning to wave bye-bye." Very valuable life skills indeed!

Day 236: July 19 - Rock a bye baby

The many moods of Katie. She and Daddy did a wonderful job testing out all of the rockers in the store to find just the perfect one. Our old rocker was a hand-me-down from Aunt Laura and it squeeked every time you rocked it. You don't realize how absolutely annoying that is until it happens all through the middle of the night!

Day 235: July 18 - Mommy's jump'n bean

She seems so happy in these pictures, but the text I got from Daddy tells a different story. "When I left this morning, she started to cry". Aww, poor Daddy and poor Katie!

Nothing a little jumperoo time can't help fix. She goes insane on that thing and uses her whole body to flop around on it. If only they made them in adult sizes.

Day 234: July 17 - Aloha and Mahalo

It was Hawaiian day at Katie's daycare, and they had a mini-luau at the end of the day. Clearly the tropical lifestyle suits her well. After the party, we headed out to grab a bite to eat, while Katie did her signature foot prop on the snack bar, and then we went to Home Depot where Katie picked up just the perfect color green paint for the living room walls.

Day 233: July 16 - She's up, she's down, she's up, she's down

Katie started off the morning with a paci stuck to the side of her head while she was conked out sleeping. After a rousing fun day playing, she crashed in Daddy's comfy arms. Oh to be young and have such struggles.

Day 232: July 15 - No one inch of water!

The Target shopping carts yesterday notified us not to leave our child unattended. Today, we are not only supposed to adhere to that, but we aren't allowed to let her dive into her froggy swimming pool! Thank goodness they've supplied us with all of these written warnings. lol

Day 231: July 14 - Mommy's favorite store!

We are going to turn this girl into a Target lover yet!! It just to see her be all big stuff riding in the cart too.

Day 229: July 12 - Hitting the pool before hitting the road

Katie and I had a nice dip in the pool in the morning. It was slightly chilly first getting in, but once her fat little legs were submerged, she was as content as could be. She absolutely loves the water! We had brunch where cousin Christin works, and Christen made sure to show Katie off to everyone in the restaurant. Katie's face just lights up when she sees cousin Christen!! On the drive home, Katie started fussing quite a bit and would not settle down. I thought she had eaten enough before we headed out, but apparently not. Let's just say, you can actually breastfeed your child going down the interstate if you have enough determination and motivation.

Day 230: July 13 - "Not a friend to the peas"

Katie had quite the story for me this morning. Some of it contained her normal screeching noises, while other parts were a mixture of raspberry-blowing and her new fascination with making smacking sounds. All of this delivered with the most serious facial expression she's got. No, it wasn't her usually goofy smile or her zoned out look, no she was serious this morning as she told me her story. In the afternoon, we had someone deliver some free sand for her ladybug sandbox. With that and her new pool, she's got her own little oasis going.

Also, today's daycare sheet notified us that she's "Not a friend to the peas".