Dec 20-26, 2009: Katie looooves baby dolls

OK, maybe love is a strong statement. She likes them...until they annoy her. Then she needs to show them what she really thinks of them. ;-)

Dec 13-19, 2009: A White Christmas

Dec 15 daycare sheet: She did not like the school food [beef and noodles]. I gave her jarred food and she ate it all. For art, we made a Christmas tree with green paper. We read the book Christmastime is here and sang lots of songs.

We spent Christmas this year in Boston/NH, and it was COOOOOOLD. Katie enjoyed seeing her cousin Jack and Grandma A, but she was just not quite sure what to make of all the white stuff on the ground.

Dec 6-12, 2009: More holiday cheer

December 9th daycare sheet: We rode the big stroller to see all the pretty decorations. The teachers waved and some talked to us. We danced to Kookaburra and The Muffin Man.
That sounds like quite the day!!

Katie got another opportunity to wear her Christmas dress when the neighbor's had their holiday party. Everyone enjoyed watching her crawl around with her festive garb.

Dec 2-5, 2009: Daddy's company Christmas party

Daddy's company had their annual Christmas party in town, so we checked into a hotel and crashed the party for a little bit after some time in the pool. It was fun for me to see some of my old coworkers, but even nicer once we got tired of the party to just ride the elevator up and go to bed. Daddy stayed down at the party and made sure to get his money's worth on the buffet.