Day 279: August 31 - Chubby Cheeks

No, one never can have too many pacis and toys on their highchair tray! LOL!

Day 278: August 30 - Let the childproofing begin!

Now that Katie's starting to get more mobile, we worked on childproofing the living room. We figure there should be at least one safe room in the house she can spend her time in.

Day 277: August 29 - Nine months and a wedding

It was another HUGE day on Katie's agenda. In the morning, she had her nine month photos, done by the amazing Laura Brett, and then that evening, we went to a wedding reception of one of my coworkers.

Katie was still running a temperature, but despite not feeling well, she turned on the charm and looked absolutely ADORABLE in her pictures. Since it was a photoshoot session I set up for us and several other families, I had to stick around with the photographer, but Katie and Daddy wandered around the flower garden, and as you can tell, had their own little photoshoot session.

Day 276: August 28 - Rut roh! Another "sick" call from daycare

Katie felt a little warm this morning, but not warm enough to stay out of daycare. We got a call around 4 saying that she was running a temperature. It was right on the border of what's acceptable to stay in school. Good thing I was already on my way to pick her up. She didn't seem to feel too bad, but she was warm.

Day 275: August 27 - More hat head

You can tell the days Daddy's in charge of taking the pictures. Katie is generally wearing a hat. ;-)

Day 274: August 26 - In love with my baby!

You know what? Even just sitting on the floor hanging out, she's still the most amazing, beautiful, funny, adorable, sweetest thing ever created!!!

Day 273: August 25 - Bad day for Mommy, good day for Katie

Mommy has now learned what a tension headache is:

Here is the email I sent to my boss and coworkers about my day: Well I don't really remember much since 3pm yesterday. Did I even tell y'all I wasn't coming in today??? The debilitating pain in my head and neck didn't let up after trying to get a massage yesterday so shortly thereafter, we headed to Urgent Care. She said I either had a tension headache or meningitis. They gave me two shots of a muscle relaxer, and that's pretty much where my memory ends. I've been awake on and off this afternoon, and while the pain isn't as strong, it's still pretty bad. I was prescribed two meds that shouldn't be taken while breastfeeding, so I had to do a huge pumping session a bit ago so that I could take them and then pray she doesn't wake up during the night. The Toradol is supposed to be pretty rough on the stomach, which I'm not looking forward to, since all that's in my stomach are crackers. My hope is that these two meds take care of whatever's going on with me and I'll see y'all bright and early tomorrow morning!!!!

Katie's day? More playing and adorableness!

Day 272: August 24 - Daddy and his little girl

It appears Connor is not the only male that turns to a pile of goo under Katie's spell. ;-)

Day 271: August 23 - The tiring trek home

Case in point!!! Connor LOOOOOVES himself some Baby Girl! It was a fun, but exhausting weekend, but well worth the trip!

Day 270: August 22 - Pool time again!!!!

Give the girl her cups, a pool and some puppies and she is!!! We spent the weekend at Aunt Jane's house mesmerizing and entertaining them with Katie's charm. Connor, the big mean pitbull dog, is a complete pile of loving goo when Katie comes around. Shelby? Well, she's Shelby. ;-)